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Aion Cleared Art for Film

Aion Desktop Preview
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The Challenge

Aion provides the largest selection of cleared artwork available for rental to the Vancouver film industry and film projects around the world. With thousands of specially licensed art pieces ready to go, Aion’s library is a one-stop-shop for discerning film professionals. Their customers need to quickly find the right art pieces to fit their vision, whether it be a certain size, colour, style or subject matter.

The Solution

The scope of Aion’s inventory and the unique needs of each client made it clear Aion needed robust e-commerce tools. We created a custom-designed, hand-coded site that has the simplicity of use customers expect and the power under the hood to manage Aion’s complex business processes.

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Key Features

Advanced Search Filters

Film industry set decorators and creatives have a particular vision and are looking for particular pieces to carry it out. The search filters created for Aion allow customers to narrow in on the right pieces by style, subject, width, height, colour and keyword. Results show up instantly.

Feature Aion Search Filters

Colour Processing and Filtering

Colour is a key to creating the feel of a movie set, and Aion’s customers needed the ability to find products that matched their colour palette. We built a custom tool that automatically processes imported products through the Google Cloud Vision API to identify the key colours, as well as keyword descriptors. Key colours are displayed alongside each image, and the catalogue can be filtered to show products with key colours close to the search colour. Try it out!

Feature Aion Colour Processing

Request Cart

To serve a creative clientele who want options, we created a request cart that allows customers to add and remove products from their request list. Once a customer has curated their order, they can submit their request to Aion staff. Aion staff are notified of the request with an itemized list so they can quickly respond with pricing. By linking the customer’s request to Aion’s inventory list, the website reduces miscommunication about which products are needed.

Feature Aion Request Cart

Inventory Import Tools

Aion regularly adds new products to their inventory and needed an easy way for those new products to show up on the website as well. We used the data exported from their inventory system as a basis for building an automated import tool. The tool allows Aion to upload their images and inventory data to their website in minutes. Product info is mapped to the right spot so there is no manual data entry needed, saving hours of work.

Feature Aion Inventory Import Tools

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