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The Challenge

InFocus Leadership Solutions provides action-oriented coaching, leadership development and facilitation for businesses and non-profits to help them maximize effectiveness. Their services are powerful, personal and customized, but some in their target market are not familiar with how the services work or their value.

The Solution

We created a new brand identity and clear message to build the value of InFocus’ services. Using case studies, we were able to tell the story of how InFocus makes a difference for their clients.

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Key Features

Brand Design

InFocus helps companies find their way through difficult terrain. Their new logo uses a geometric pattern to represent complexity and also precision.

InFocus Leadership Brand and Logo Design

Custom Mobile-Friendly Web Design

The design of InFocus’ website was heavily customized to reflect their values of clarity and action. Custom icons and animations enhance the originality of the design.

InFocus Web Design

Crafted Case Studies

Show, don’t tell, by drawing on real world stories and processes. Case studies focused on each area of service help explain the value of what InFocus does in an approachable and understandable way.

Case Study

Enhanced Blog

By providing advice and resources through their blog, InFocus builds their value to clients. An enhanced blog provides social sharing and integrated call to actions to make it an effective tool for InFocus to connect with their audience.

Blog Design

Marketing Integrations

By integrating with ConvertKit email marketing tools, InFocus is equipped to easily and automatically capture leads into their existing email marketing strategy.

InFocus Leadership Solutions


Jeremy was easy to work with and took the mystery out of going from a tired brand to something fresh and clear. He spoke in a language I could understand and took my ideas and organized them in a way that made sense to my potential clients. I believe my new site will help me communicate my message more clearly and my methodologies for working with people and organizations. I appreciate the way the case studies promote my business and tell the story of what I do and how I do it.

Cam Taylor

Executive Coach, InFocus Leadership Solutions

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