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Post-Secondary BC

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The Challenge

Post-Secondary BC is an association of 30 post-secondary institutions whose mission is to provide the most current information about BC’s post-secondary options to students, their parents, and the high school counsellors who support them. By facilitating school presentations, community information evenings and high school counsellor updates, they provide comprehensive, real-time, and unbiased post-secondary information. They needed a website that would provide easy access to institution profiles, events and news for all their audiences.

The Solution

To establish value for both students and the institutions represented by Post-Secondary BC, we created a new, more approachable brand, and a modern website. The website provides multiple avenues for institutions to publish content, including key facts about their institutions and upcoming events. Post-Secondary BC is able to provide valuable information to their audiences and a new tool to their member institutions.

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Key Features

New Brand Identity

Post-Secondary Institutes of BC needed to transition to a more approachable brand that positioned them as a resource for public good. After exploring naming options and the concerns of their audiences, we established a new brand identity: Post-Secondary BC.

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Custom Mobile-Friendly Web Design

The three main audiences of students, parents and high school counsellors each receive a unique focus in the navigation design. This brings visitors the info that is important to them. Interactive tools like the institution directory, institution comparison and an education explorer feature app-like user interface elements and live updating so visitors choose the options they want to see.

Feature Postsecondarybc Full Site

In-Depth Institution Profiles

Each member institution has access to manage their own profile on the site. Member institutions can log in and update any of the over 50 fields that describe their institution. Visitors to the site can compare institutions side-by-side.

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Interactive Education Explorer

To educate visitors about the many options for post-secondary education, we created an interactive education explorer tool. Visitors can choose the credential type, area of study and institutions they are interested in, then receive a summary report describing what the education path for those options looks like.

Feature Postsecondarybc Education Explorer

Central Source for News and Events

Post-Secondary BC serves as a central source for the latest updates from their member institutions. Member institutions can submit news or events for publication on the platform. Visitors can then see the latest news from each institution or upcoming events for their region.

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Our new website, which allows all 30 of our member institutions to manage their own information and promote themselves in a highly professional manner, is the result of a great working relationship with Viewpoint Digital. Jeremy went out of his way to first understand what we needed and why, and the end result is a new, cost-effective online presence that will allow Post-SecondaryBC to be even more valuable to BC high school counsellors, students and parents in the years to come.
Josh Keller Administrative Coordinator, Post-Secondary BC

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