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Get Ready for Google Analytics 4

Google has launched a new version of the Analytics tracking platform called GA4. This new version makes significant changes to the way analytics data is collected, stored and displayed. Starting this summer, Google will stop collecting data from the old platform and transition fully to GA4.

What is the impact of Google Analytics 4?

What to Expect

  • Google will automatically create a GA4 property with basic settings and start tracking analytics data there.
  • Any existing reports and the existing Google Analytics dashboard will no longer be available.

For organizations that only occasionally use basic metrics (like page views and sessions) and have no external reporting, the automatic migration may work well. For organizations looking for more advanced metrics, to use external reporting or to maintain organized access to their analytics for multiple users, Google is recommending they manage the GA4 migration process themselves. You can do this through the Google Analytics dashboard, or allow Viewpoint Digital to help with the one-time GA4 Migration service.

Viewpoint Digital is offering three opportunities to help you get ready for GA4.

GA4 Services

Webinar: Intro to Google Analytics 4

Webinar: Intro to Google Analytics 4

In this free webinar from Viewpoint Digital, learn about the changes coming to Google Analytics in GA4. I’ll highlight how it works, where to rediscover your data in GA4 and possibilities for more advanced reporting.

Cost: Free

When: Wed April 26 at 11am PT


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Google Analytics 4 Migration

GA4 Migration Service

Viewpoint Digital can manage the migration to GA4 for you by:

  • Setting up a GA4 property
  • Setting up or reviewing Google Tag Manager for easier tracking code maintenance
  • Setting up or reviewing Google Search Console for search analytics
  • Update tracking code
  • Set up custom tracking for user events like form submission, file download and outlink tracking

This service is for organization who: want to use their analytics data, want to keep their digital assets organized and accessible and ask visitors to interact with their website.

Cost: $250


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Monthly Analytics Report

Monthly Analytics Report

Customized monthly analytics data emailed directly to you in pdf format. Reports include common metrics about acquisition sources, content viewed, location of users, form submissions and Google Search keyword performance. Reports can be customized with the data you find useful.

This service includes:

  • Kickoff call to discuss key metrics
  • Report construction
  • Monthly pdf report from Google Looker Studio
  • Follow up call to tour initial report metrics

Cost: starting at $390/year


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