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Managed Web Hosting

Time saved is only the start.

Service Web Hosting

Why Managed Web Hosting

IT support that’s well worth it

When a qualified IT professional takes over the complicated technical job of hosting your website, you gain much more than your time back. Managed Web Hosting means:

  • Your website is less likely to go down and negatively impact customers
  • If your website does go down, we will see it and address it
  • Search engines assessing the speed and security of your site will boost its ranking, making it more performant
  • You have a go-to expert for questions you have about your website

What’s Included

Keeping your site up, secure & backed up

Web Hosting

  • Performance web hosting
  • 15,000 monthly visits, 2GB disk space and 20GB bandwidth
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) for speed
  • Server-level caching for speed
  • SSL Security Certificate and management
  • Uptime monitoring (near instant notification if your site goes down)

Domain Name Management

  • Domain Name Server records management


  • Daily website backups, stored separately from web server for 30 days
  • Daily malware scanning
  • Monthly WordPress core and plugin software updates
  • Monthly database optimization
  • Spam protection from CleanTalk
  • Monthly report on maintenance completed and basic analytics data

Need more peace of mind? Let us take care of the technical details that keep your site healthy.