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We can tweak your site for excellence

If you have a WordPress site, you likely understand how to add plugins to change the way your site functions. But you might not understand exactly how to pick the right plugins and set them for best results. And knowing when custom coding will do the job better than any plugin could takes deep expertise. That’s what we can offer you.

How It Works

Our process for supporting your site

Step 1

Submit a support request so we can assess your needs and your WordPress site.

Step 2

We provide an estimate based on the time it will take to make the changes requested.

Step 3

We update and enhance your website, maximizing its value and lifespan.

WordPress sites tweaked for online excellence.

Barbican Available Units

Barbican Property Management

Available Unit Listings

The Challenge

The availability of units available for rent changes frequently. To provide up to date info for prospective tenants, Barbican needed a set of tools that allow them to quickly update available units on a day to day basis.

The Strategy

We structured available units data by linking units to the various properties Barbican manages. Unit data can be pre-populated so changes to availability can be made without re-entering all of a unit’s attributes.

The Solution

By customizing the website content management system, we made posting available unit content easy. Visitors can then browse a list of available units filtered by community and size attributes. This set of tools puts up to date information into the hands of prospective tenants and saves Barbican staff time as they keep this info current.

Custom Development Watson Goepel

Watson Goepel

Personal Injury Micro-Site

The Challenge

Watson Goepel is a full-service law firm in Vancouver. They identified that the concerns of their personal injury clients were not well represented on their website.

The Strategy

We developed a micro site specifically for personal injury clients. The site is a landing spot for these clients, allowing them to quickly see the depth of Watson Goepel’s expertise in this area of law.

The Solution

Content for different types of accidents and injuries creates comfort for clients and builds search engine credibility in a competitive market. Call to actions are readily available so clients can reach out easily. The micro site integrates with the look of the existing site, and supported a new Google Ads campaign.

Custom Development Bc Egg 2

BC Egg

SEO and Usability Audit

The Challenge

BC Egg shares resources on behalf of farmers in their industry. Their website presented engaging content like recipes and farm profiles, but lacked the structure for ease of use and publishing.

The Strategy

Viewpoint conducted an audit of the BC Egg website that identified ways to better reach their audience and improve their on-site SEO, performance and flexibility. The audit provided a clear plan for making purposeful updates to their site.

The Solution

Using the audit report as a guide, Viewpoint rebuilt the layout of the recipe and farm profile templates to feature a more consistent structure, greater searchability, and enhanced tools for publishing. Now, visitors can filter by category, see quick facts and dive into the details with ease.



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