Non-Profit Web Design

With experience in the sector, Viewpoint Digital can create the tools you need to do more with less.

Non-profit Web Design

Websites Matter
Getting the details right and reach your audience

Non-profits have to do more with less. Quality tools can save time and effort while engaging stakeholders. Those tools include easy to use donation forms, event listings, clear (and concise) messaging, and impressive visuals.

The bottom line is this: if your non-profit wants to build trust, your website needs to reflect that—instantly and in so many ways.

A Clarity-Focused Process
How we design flexible websites for non-profits

Based on our years of work in the non-profit sector before starting Viewpoint Digital, we understand what you need. Our process for planning and building a website with you is geared towards maximum clarity. You will understand exactly what you’re getting, and how to use it.

Stage 1: Plan

Stage 1: Plan

Asking the right questions to clearly define the project goals.

Together, we identify your goals, brand personality, the audience you want to reach, and what message will reach them.

Design Stage

Stage 2: Design

A clear, orderly, collaborative approach to creating something great.

We plan and create the content on your site, from text to colours to fonts. We get plenty of feedback from you along the way. We develop a mockup that shows exactly what your website will look like.

Build Stage

Stage 3: Build

Taking steps to ensure it’s clear how to use what we create.

We build what we designed, developing and customizing the tools that will allow your website to function the way it should.

Launch Stage

Stage 4: Launch

Empowering you to clearly understand your new tool.

Before making your website live online, we build a strong foundation for search engine optimization and web hosting. We can also train you and your staff to manage the website content going forward.

The details matter. Leverage Viewpoint Digital’s expertise in non-profit web design to get a great website experience.


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