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Camp Squeah

Desktop website preview for Camp Squeah
Desktop website preview for Camp Squeah

The Challenge

Camp Squeah is a summer camp and retreat centre in Hope, BC. They serve several distinct audiences with different interests, questions and uses for their space. Their website was sprawling with information, making it difficult for visitors to find the information they needed and for administrators to review and update content. For their summer programs, availability and dates changed regularly. Camp Squeah needed a new website oriented around their key audiences and with organized tools for updating content quickly.

The Solution

We created a new website design and template that allows visitors to navigate into the most relevant section based on their interest: summer camps, outdoor education or retreats. The site loads fast and directs visitors to take the best action to advance their interest. A polished appearance online provides the same quality and value experience that Camp Squeah offers their in-person guests as well.

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Key Features

Interest-Based Navigation

Users can dive in to the most relevant section for them. Within each section, the navigation is simplified to show the most relevant options for that area of service.

Feature Navigation Squeah

Edit Once, Update Everywhere

Key information like camp availability can be edited by administrators in one easy-to-access location. Those changes are pushed automatically to every spot on the site where the related content is displayed, so the whole site stays up to date.

Feature Editable Squeah

Capturing the Spirit

A grounded, nostaligic aesthetic captures the peacefulness of connecting outside at Camp Squeah. Mosaics of images allows the site to show, not tell, what a camp experience is like.

Feature Images Squeah

Job Postings

Camp Squeah relies heavily on staff and volunteers to run their summer programs. Job postings allow better recruitment and easier management of available positions.

Feature Job Postings Squeah
Camp Squeah Website Design and Development


Jeremy built trust immediately by asking us good questions, helping us articulate our goals and vision for the website. He patiently guided us through the process toward a very satisfying end: a concise, articulate, deliverable, and attractive communications platform. Our new website is easy to manage and easy for guests to navigate, quickly finding the information we want them to have access to.
Rob Tiessen Executive Director, Camp Squeah

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